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Success stories from our partner “Mobile Help Madagascar”

Dear supporters of TULISA!

From our partner organization in Madagascar, we received the following 3 feedback regarding your donations:

1. Ectopic pregnancy
Georgette was two days with labor before she could reach a doctor. Because of complications during the delivery, she died just the moment we arrived with a medical team in Beroroha. While we were waiting we heard about another lady in labor. After examining her, she had ectopic pregnancy. The doctor of our team did a surgery to remove the fetus whereby the mother survuved. Thanks to Tulisa we could save this live in Beroroha!

2. Plastic surgery
Jack is a little baby boy of 3 month living in an orphanage in Antsirabe. His parents didn’t want him and are too poor to take care of him. He has inborn abnormality of his head. To find out, if neurologic surgery could be performed a CT-scan is made. The result of the scan is that Jackie needs different surgeries which cannot be performed in Madagascar.
In the meantime Jack is handed over the another organization, who will take him to South Africa for doing the operations there and to give him all the treatments he needs.

Thanks to TULISA Jack could do the CT-scan. Due to that an organization is willing to take care that he will get all operations he need.

3. Mother and child doing well!
Nantenaina had to go to the hospital for a c-section because she is very small, only 1.40 m. The operation went well and mother and baby were fine. Afterwards the baby turned very yellow whereby it needed pediatric consultations. But now the baby girl is very healthy, happy and growing well.

Due to TULISAs help Nantenaina could have the surgery.

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