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The Foundation

The Tulisa foundation – Tulisa [Kisuaheli –Tu´liza: calms, eases] – was established in 2009 by a businessman and two physicians from Germany. It intends to help children and teenagers in Africa and Latin America to survive, to get well again and to bear a protected life, independent of nationality, social status or religion.

Additionally, the foundation pursues the purpose of supporting public health.

Tulisa foundation

Tulisa foundation bank account number: 375 173 0 173
German bank code number (BLZ): 700 205 00

Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft – Munich

For international transfers please use:

IBAN: DE68700205003751730173

Bank address: Bank fuer Sozialwirtschaft, Karlsplatz 10, 80335 München

Tulisa is officially acknowledged as a non-profit organization by the German tax authorities in Munich under the number 143/235/80708. Your donation is tax deductible.