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What is the goal of TULISA?

The TULISA Foundation was founded in 2009 by a German businessman and two medical doctors and its objective is to support children and young people in Africa and Latin America regardless of nationality, social status or religion to help them to get cured and recovered respectively from disease and live a life worth living. In addition, the foundation focuses on medical development cooperation and the promotion of public health.

“We cannot help all people in Africa and Latin America, but each individual, child or teenager, we can help, to be cured and thus live a dignified life, the mission is justified.”

Why donate?

TULISA supports measures for vulnerable children and young people who, due to their physical or mental condition or their financial situation depend on the support of others. We are focusing on medical prevention and treatment as well as required surgical interventions. For this purpose TULISA can recourse to a network of physicians, hospitals and social institutions in Africa and Latin America, which inform us on the most critical cases. Having said so, mean children and young people suffering from diseases, who cannot afford an appropriate treatment and therefore are without any treatment or are treated inadequately.

Single mothers and their children are targeted as well, since a family without mother doesn’t survive in many cases.

How does TULISA do work?

Either we identify potential candidates ourselves or we receive notice on potential candidates from other sources. After having checked the inclusion criteria the respective cases are displayed on the TULISA website indicating social environment, health problem, most appropriate options of further diagnostic as well as treatment including the expected costs.

An overview of the current cases in need you can get here.

We also provide financial support for relief projects such as the construction of health stations for basic medical care in underserved areas. Furthermore we support local health promotion activities by funding vaccination campaigns and disease control programs.

Presently supported projects you can follow up later.

How TULISA financed?

TULISA is funded entirely by donations.

What does TULISA do to keep costs low?

Until further notice, we decided that all administrative costs will be paid by the Foundation Board Members. By doing this we can guarantee that all donations are 100% in favour of the targeted beneficiaries.

What does TULISA do to provide transparent information to the donor?

We will publish our activities regularly on our website. All donors have the possibility to learn about the use of their funds. We report on to supported projects and individual cases, as well as on the use of funds and the impact and success respectively of our mission. You can monitor what is happening with your donation. In addition, we are intending to publish our annual report here.

How can I support TULISA with a donation?

You can support our work with single or regular donations. If you want to support our work with a single donation, you can transfer your donation to our TULISA donation account:

Account number: 375 173 0 173
German bank code number (BLZ) 700 205 00
Bank: Bank of Social Economy – Munich


For international transfers please use:

IBAN: DE68700205003751730173


Bank address: Bank of Social Economy – Municht, Karlsplatz 10, 80335 Munich – Germany

You can arrange easily and quickly through our online donation form a debit:

Click here for the donation form: single donation / regular donation / supporting member

You also have the opportunity to arrange an associate membership as a gift. With this gift you do others a great pleasure while helping children in need. The duration and amount of the membership is up to you.

A donation certificate you can print or receive via e-mail immediately. Of course, your donation is tax deductible.