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Abdul-Rahaman Rafiya – has been fighting for 7 years

Abdul-Rahaman Rafiya
Age: 13 years / female

Medical diagnosis:
Osteomyelitis on the left knee level.

Abdul-Rahaman Rafiya is 13 years of age and also suffering from osteomalysis. She is out of school due to the challenge she is facing as a young girl, she feels embarrassed when the watering liquid comes out of the leg during classes.

She has been battling with this condition for the past 7 years dependents on the herbal medicine.

Doctor recommends a surgery but the father is vulnerable and cannot bear the cost in treating his only daughter of the family.

Total Cost: 8,772.50 GHS / 1,256.81 Euro
Hospital: Al-Shifaa Hospital Limited, Tamale, Ghana

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