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Mail vom 13.12.2013

Hi all,
my main aim of writing to is to inform you about the ongoing doctors‘ and nurses‘ strike in the public hospitals, that is also affecting some of our patients.

1. In this case Noel Sickler, who was due for her clinic appointment on the 11th Dec 2013 – and

2. Helen, who is having her daily radiotherapy sessions at KNH, did not have their therapy.
We are yet to know when this will end because efforts by the government to have the health workers go back to work by yesterday so far hit the wall.

3. Jacob (Epilepsy) was due for review on the 9th Dec2013. However, we have not been able to find his doctor and there is no one in his clinic. I suggest we get another neurosurgeon. The situation is so irritable and annoying. As a matter of fact many patients are leaving. Dirk I think you would be better placed say something here.

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